The DSUS Executive are elected by the DAN School of Drama and Music student body. Consisting of two Co-Presidents, an Equity Advisor, and two Vice-Presidents, together the Executive guides the direction of the Society. During a one-year term, the team oversees all of the Society’s operations.


The President guides the direction of the Society throughout their term. The priority of the President is to represent the DAN School student body equitably, honestly, and with integrity. This is fulfilled through attending faculty meetings, overseeing associated student organizations, and attending meetings with Alma Mater Society on behalf of the student body.  

The President uses their time working with the Department, DAN School Faculty, ASUS, and the AMS Assembly to advocate for their students and help shape the DAN School community to be the best DAN community at Queen’s.  


The Vice-President of Operations is responsible for the operational management of the Society, and the practical implementation of Society initiatives. The Vice-President of Operations coordinates internal records and finances, manages outreach and events, and oversees the Operations committee. 

The Vice-President of Operations represents student interests, and helps oversee all Society events and initiatives, and advocates on behalf of the student body.


The Vice-President of Student Affairs is directly responsible for all student matters regarding the Society. The Vice-President of Student Affairs also and creates event plans with, and oversees the Student Affairs committee.

As a voting member of the DSUS Assembly,  The Vice-President of Student Affairs is responsible for acting in the best interest of students in the DAN School student body, and advocating on their behalf. 


The Equity Commissioner is responsible for ensuring the Society is held accountable to a fair and equitable operation, this mission also extends to the DAN School. The Equity Commissioner heads all inclusivity initiatives the Society partakes in, and communicates with students regularly through surveys and office hours to ensure every DAN School student feels safe and included on campus.


The Director of Orientation is responsible for facilitating the DAN School Orientation in collaboration with the President. The Director of Orientation is responsible for ensuring quality student experience during the Orientation event for all years of study.


The Events Commissioner is responsible for creating all events the Society offers in collaboration with the Vice President of Student Affairs. The Events Commissioner also oversees the events commission is composed primarily of Year Representatives; together, they facilitate all of DSUS’ events, fundraisers, and social initiatives.