The DAN School Undergraduate Society

ars gratia artis

The DAN School Undergraduate Society celebrates the diverse perspectives and identities of its students and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment with equitable opportunities for all. Amplifying marginalized voices is essential to our mission of helping to create more diverse representation in arts spaces. Equity is a process, and we will continue to keep learning, growing, and improving.

The DAN School Undergraduate Society Equity Statement, 2021

What we do

The DAN School Undergraduate Society (DSUS) is an independently operated and funded faculty society at Queen’s University. The Society provides events, resources, professional experience, and support to the DAN School student body. We, the Society are committed to enhancing the academic and personal experiences of the students at the DAN School.

The Society provides a number of resources created to support all students in the DAN School of Drama and Music. Students can request support, advocacy, mediation, events, clubs and more through the resources and efforts of the Society.

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