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About the DAN Expo

The DAN Exposition Series (The DAN Expo) is a student-run music and theatre collective, that is supported by the DAN School Undergraduate Society at Queens University. The DAN Exposition Series has coined the phrase “staged music” to express all types of musical performance that is connected to a dramatic spectacle. This phrase was developed specifically to represent all staged musical performances without using the term “musical theatre”, which is inauthentic to the Series.  

The DAN Exposition Series’ mission is to curate an environment that promotes student initiative in staged music. This includes original compositions by students as a well as existing opera and musical theatre selections. The Series gives students the opportunity to direct, perform, develop, and showcase their choice of selections. The development process allows members to workshop original pieces that are in progress with the help of volunteer Queen’s University faculty. 

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The Producers of the DAN Exposition Series are responsible for organizing and overseeing auditions, rehearsals, finances, performances, and the overall operation of the Series


Serena Ferzli, she/her

Assistant Producer

Victoria Marmulak, she/her

Production Heads

The Directors of the DAN Exposition Series are responsible for overseeing the operation of their jurisdiction in the Series


Band Director

Sarah Corbett, he/her

Stage Manager

Madison Todd, she/her

Technical Director

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SonderlessIn Between the LinesLuizianaSuitcaseSubject to ChangeSelections from Magic Flute


Harmony Francis (she/her)

In Between the Lines

Arielle Nelson (she/her)


Directed by: Serena Ferzli


Harmony Francis

Subject to Change

Selections from Magic Flute


All DAN Expo Productions will be hosted in the Rotunda Theatre at Theological Hall, Queen’s University.

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