Queen’s University Student Music Educators Association


The Queen’s University Student Music Educators Association, QUSMEA, is a student-led group that provides volunteer and development opportunities for all members of the Queen’s community interested in music education, both at the primary and secondary level. QUSMEA is in charge of running the Band Outreach and Daycare volunteer programs, which help students gain experience in music education settings while giving back to the Kingston community in the form of music.

The Association also runs various workshops throughout the year, providing more in-depth information on certain topics, often with the help of special guests. Some of these workshops in the past have covered such topics as Songwriting, School Musical Direction, and Teaching music to young children. QUSMEA also holds a strong desire to connect members of the DAN School and beyond to each other, and holds social events such as bake sales and coffeehouses, as well as the annual trip to the Ontario Music Educators’ Association Conference in the fall.

As an association, QUSMEA is very grateful to be able to learn, play, teach and live on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabek, on which Queen’s University is situated. It is important to understand the role that both education and music have had in enforcing colonial and Eurocentric ideologies into modern day society; there is not only one way to teach music, nor is there only one type of music to teach and learn. Decolonizing the world of music education and recentering the narrative to focus on BIPOC, and specifically Indigenous voices, is what we hope to be a step in the right direction towards reconciliation.


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Ally Colby


Amy Kang

Assistant Director

Shannon Post

Pat Wei

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The Director of QUSMEA’s responsibilities include facilitating communications between the School, The Society, the community, and the Executive team. The Director also oversees the running of meetings and the planning and organizing all of Association events

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director’s responsibilities include to taking notes during weekly meetings on key points such as events, hiring, and other upcoming QUSMEA plans. The Assistant Director is also responsible for organizing the Association’s annual trip to OMEA, the Ontario Music Education Conference.

Daycare Coordinator

The Daycare Coordinator is responsible for creating the volunteer schedule for the Queen’s Campus Daycare. The Daycare Coordinator also communicates and organizes information for daycare volunteers to ensure they are prepared and feel comfortable in their position

Social Media Conveyor

The Social Media Conveyor is responsible for managing all of the Associations social media; this includes planning and creating posts, creating posters for events and coordinating with the Kingston community.

Band Outreach Coordinator

The Band Outreach Coordinator works In conjunction with the Limestone District School Board, giving DAN students the opportunity to volunteer in a middle school music classroom.

First Year Representative

The First Year Representative is hired by the Executive and acts as the primary communicative link between incoming DAN School first years and the Association.